Additional Features


A specialized android application is developed for online and offline verification of the card on the spot. This will enable law enforcement agencies to check and verify the authenticity quickly and efficiently without any hassle.

SMS Gateway

A. SMS Based Verification The Law enforcement agency well be able to check & verify the authenticity of arms license by sending SMS to mobile number 0314-9026318 in the following format AL:LicenseNo e.g: AL:2-1-000125 B. SMS Based Acknowledgment SMS Gateway will be utilized for updating applicant's regarding various stages of their application process. Applicant well be able to inquire about his/her application status by sending an SMS to 0314-9026318 in the following format ID:TrackingID (Tracking ID will be provided during application registration) e.g: ID:1-575

Internet Based Verification & Inquiry

Law enforcement agency can also check the authenticity of arms license via website Applicant can also inquire about there application status via website.